Seidl: Bronze in championship for Norris 'not unrealistic'

25-07-2021 10:21 | Updated: 25-07-2021 12:50
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Seidl: Bronze in championship for Norris 'not unrealistic'

For Lando Norris, the stars seem to be aligned this year at McLaren. He is currently defending his P3 in the championship against Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas, and according to team boss Andreas Seidl, he has a realistic chance of successfully holding this place.

Asked, by, as to his assessment of Norris' chances of securing his P3 in the championship, Seidl argues: "Whether it is a realistic target is difficult to say because the Red Bull car and the Mercedes car is clearly a better car. Valtteri and Checo have shown some great races this year and also from the past, what they can do."

Seidl explains: "So obviously down to the strong performance by Lando together with the team and the competitive car we have this year, we’ve managed after 10 races to be in P3 so it’s not unrealistic to stay there."

Can't rely on performance

Seidl also nuances, again acknowledging that strong performances for McLaren depend on mistakes at the garages of the two top teams. Seidl: "Let’s see what we can do in the second half of the season plus we have to be honest as well, one time or another something goes wrong on the Red Bull side or the Mercedes side because we are not in a position purely on performance to beat them."

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