Future plans for Mercedes could mean retirement from Formula 1

22-07-2021 17:44 | Updated: 22-07-2021 20:03
by GPblog.com
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Future plans for Mercedes could mean retirement from Formula 1

The Mercedes brand is working hard on a sustainable image, and has set a new goal to do so. The carmaker wants to produce only electric cars by 2030, a resolution that could well have an effect on the brand's Formula 1 participation.

There have been discussions at a higher level about the participation in Formula 1, because this would not be in line with the sustainable image that Mercedes is chasing. The plan to go all electric could mean that the brand wants to leave Formula 1, and focus on Formula E.

Formula 1 may not fit into Mercedes' future plans

"Mercedes-Benz will be ready to go all-electric by the end of this decade, where the market allows," quotes The Drive. This would mean that Mercedes, including AMG and Maybach, would be pretty much all-electric by 2030, possibly with the exception of a few countries.

What effect this announcement might have on Mercedes' Formula 1 team we won't know for now. It is almost certain that the team will remain in the sport until the introduction of the new engines in 2025, so any departure is likely only after that.

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