Wolff may go to the stewards again next time: 'As you would expect'

22-07-2021 06:57 | Updated: 22-07-2021 10:12
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Wolff may go to the stewards again next time: 'As you would expect'

After the clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, Michael Masi's talks with Red Bull and Mercedes were to follow. Many people wondered why teams are allowed to interfere so openly in the discussion, but Masi himself isn't too worried about it.

It was like a football match where all the players are attacking the referee. Christian Horner first spoke out on the radio, after which Toto Wolff also commented on the collision. Wolff and Horner would later go to the stewards to tell their story. You'd think the stewards would be able to make their own decision, but Masi isn't too bothered.

Red Bull and Mercedes bicker on

''Whatever sniping is happening between Mercedes and Red Bull behind closed doors is not of concern to us. We judge it on what happens out there on the sporting field or on the track. No, no frustration, obviously that’s part of what they do, it comes about in various waves depending on what it is,'' the FIA Race Director told Formula1.com.

''There were a couple of instances there, be it with Mercedes or Red Bull, where I said just hang five and I’ll get back to you, which you probably didn’t hear, you only heard the ones you heard on the radio. Everyone is looking after their own patches of turf so to speak, as you’d expect, but from my perspective, I treat them all equally, balance up what we’ve got to do and set certain priorities in my mind of what you’ve got before you and need to prioritise accordingly'', Masi concludes.

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