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Marko: Many things that are rolled up against us are a bit astonishing

Marko: "Many things that are rolled up against us are a bit astonishing"

14-07-2021 08:47 Last update: 10:47


Now that the balance of power between the two top teams seems to have tilted in Red Bull Racing's favour, Mercedes is trying to minimise the gap by trying to bend the rules in their favour. According to Red Bull chief Helmut Marko the team is only digging its own grave and presenting itself as a bad loser.

Asked if the FIA has already made a decision regarding Mercedes' flexible front wing, which Red Bull were to complain about, Marko says they are still awaiting the verdict. "We have forwarded our concerns and the video clips that clearly show how this wing bends downwards to the FIA", Marko said, speaking to Motorsport Total.

The Austrian continued: "That is in the hands of the FIA, and we are not interfering to exert any pressure. We hope that it will be given due attention."

Bad losers

Mercedes' criticism of Red Bull's flexiwing is part of Mercedes' chosen strategy of making things as difficult as possible for Red Bull in all areas. Marko however thinks that the German racing team is only presenting itself as a bad loser. Marko: "It is the multitude of things that are rolled up against us that is a bit astonishing. But slowly it shoots back. And the media also perceive it as we see it, namely that in this way you take on the role of the unsportsmanlike loser."

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