Hulkenberg thinks Aston Martin has lost 'most ground' by 2021

11-07-2021 19:53 | Updated: 12-07-2021 08:56
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Hulkenberg thinks Aston Martin has lost 'most ground' by 2021

Aston Martin is having a difficult Formula 1 season. The team had hoped to compete for third place in the Constructors' standings, but instead is battling it out for fifth place with Alpine and AlphaTauri. According to Nico Hulkenberg Aston Martin has lost a lot of ground.

Lost a lot of ground

Aston Martin hasn't had the season it hoped for on its return to Formula 1. The team has had a slow start to the season with Sebastian Vettel' s second place in Baku as the only highlight. Reserve driver Hulkenberg says Aston Martin, along with Mercedes, have lost the most ground from last season.

It's mainly down to the changes to the floor, Hulkenberg knows. "After all, Aston Martin followed the same concept as Mercedes, with that low rake, so a different aerodynamic philosophy than most of the other teams," 'The Hulk' reveals at

Continue with 2021 or opt for 2022?

Hulkenberg says Aston Martin is now in a tricky dilemma, as the team still wants to catch up in 2021. "At the same time they have to prepare for the huge rule change next year," he says. Although he also thinks the 2022 car has been a priority for the British team for some time.

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