Can Hamilton bounce back? "I don't see how Mercedes can beat them"

05-07-2021 08:06
Can Hamilton bounce back? I don't see how Mercedes can beat them

Max Verstappen has already won four races this season and without a tyre blowout in Baku, it would have been five wins in five races for the Dutchman. Despite this, he is building a comfortable lead over his rival, Lewis Hamilton.

That lead in the World Championship is already strong and Juan Pablo Montoya wonders if Mercedes can come back from this. "At this stage Max and Red Bull clearly have the momentum. I don't see how Mercedes can beat them," Montoya explains in conversation with

Can Mercedes still improve?

"The only aspect that still speaks in Mercedes' favour is that they will get upgrades at Silverstone. Hopefully, that step is big enough to get closer to Red Bull, but I honestly don't think it's going to be enough." Montoya clearly has doubts about the package Mercedes has.

For, where Red Bull Racing brings upgrades every week, Mercedes' upgrades were a long time coming. Only in a week and a half at Silverstone will Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have upgrades. Montoya expects that to be too late. "If you look at how things are going now, then unless something special happens, you could assume that Max should win this championship".

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