Wolff sees upside of temper tantrum: "He's finally getting worked up!"

20-06-2021 16:42 | Updated: 20-06-2021 16:48
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Wolff sees upside of temper tantrum: He's finally getting worked up!

Toto Wolff is bitter after missing out on victory in the French Grand Prix. The Austrian saw Lewis Hamilton come very close, but in the end the strategy of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing was the better one. Wolff is disappointed, but knows where it went wrong.

"We still think the one-stop was a better strategy, but we just killed the tyres. Valtteri, Lewis, Max as well. Then there is little you can do Wolff," told ServusTV. On the Austrian TV programme, he explains why Bottas was not eventually brought in earlier for a two-stop. "If you stop again, you're behind Perez and you have to overtake him on the track. Today everything went wrong in terms of strategy."

Wolff understands anger Bottas

That Bottas was quite fierce over the on-board radio, the Mercedes team boss doesn't mind at all. According to him, it should be seen as something positive. "At last he's getting worked up!" Let it out. That was good. It was just annoying."

Lewis Hamilton saw his deficit in the world championship to Max Verstappen grow by seven points. The difference is now 12 points. Among the constructors, Red Bull Racing has a 37-point lead.

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