Todt wants to see less talk from Hamilton: "In motorsports, actions matter"

20-06-2021 10:22 | Updated: 20-06-2021 11:26
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Todt wants to see less talk from Hamilton: In motorsports, actions matter

FIA president Jean Todt has given his unvarnished view on the championship battle between Red Bull and Mercedes in a new interview. While he appreciates the heightened tension between the two teams, he is also sometimes tired of the constant controversy and debate.

Asked for his take on the battle between Red Bull and Mercedes, Todt states he is getting a little tired of the constant controversy and discussions between the two teams. "I am neutral. It's interesting, there is more competition and also more controversy, this is how this works. I would prefer that there was less controversy in this sport ... There is too much tension, there is too much competition, controversy over wing flex, tyre problems, everything", Todt said in conversation with

The figure of Hamilton

The FIA president is also asked for his opinion on Lewis Hamilton's projects off the grid, such as his fight for more diversity in the sport. On this Todt says: "I admire Lewis as a driver. He's very talented, he's very successful, he's also lucky to drive the best car. It is a combination. Michael was very concerned about road safety, Lewis is concerned about diversity and that is normal."

However, the Frenchman stressed that in addition to words, he would like to see actions from the driver: "There is a lot of work to do. In motorsports, actions matter: if you're good, you win; if you are not good, you do not win; if you are not trustworthy, you withdraw. I would like to see more actions than words."

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