Hamilton and Verstappen to plan 'good night out' when things return to normal

18-06-2021 09:26 | Updated: 18-06-2021 10:10
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Hamilton and Verstappen to plan 'good night out' when things return to normal

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton may be title rivals, but there was no question of a tense atmosphere during the press conference. The Dutchman and Briton get along very well, even though they don't visit each other for coffee.

Verstappen can't wave

In a title fight, friction often occurs, and there are usually psychological games played. Hamilton and Verstappen do share the occasional comment that may come across as annoying to the other, but most of it is on the track. Although the men both live in Monaco, they don't often run into each other outside of races.

According to AD, Hamilton said: "We both live on the other side of town" at the press conference, after which Verstappen jokingly adds: ''I can't wave at you." It indicates the mood. Neither man plans to fight the battle off the track, but getting together for coffee might be another step too far.

Hamilton and Verstappen go out for a night on the town

"I'm not out and about very often either,'' Hamilton said. ''We're travelling so much, at home you mainly want to spend time with family and friends. But I did see you on the jet ski the other day'', Verstappen responded. ''When things get back to normal we should meet up, maybe have a good night out'', Hamilton said with a clear proposal.

According to the Brit it is important that drivers get on well with each other. Of course you don't have to be all friends with each other, but mutual respect is important according to the seven times world champion. ''It is important that drivers get along well with each other. We sometimes send each other messages, before or after a race'', the Mercedes driver concluded.

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