Vettel agrees with Verstappen: "Safety is our biggest priority"

17-06-2021 13:51 | Updated: 17-06-2021 15:08
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Vettel agrees with Verstappen: Safety is our biggest priority

For Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll a blow-out forced an early end of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Since then there is a lot of discussion about who is responsible for the tyre blowout. Pirelli points at Red Bull and Aston Martin, who in turn point at the tyre manufacturer.

Safety is priority

Earlier, Verstappen said that Red Bull did not do anything wrong with the tyres and that Pirelli's instructions concerning tyre pressure were followed. Sebastian Vettel, Stroll's teammate at Aston Martin, concurs. "There are prescribed guidelines. We stick to those. Safety is our main priority."

Furthermore, Vettel is keeping quiet on the subject. "I think Pirelli has done an excellent job as always. From my side I haven't had any problems and I have nothing to say about it." So it remains to be seen if the bottom line is ever going to be revealed here.

Great race

The race in Baku otherwise went extremely well for Vettel with a fine second place. "It was a great race for us. To get back on the podium was fantastic for me and for the whole team. The car was very good. Despite the coronavirus restrictions it was really nice to celebrate with the whole team at the factory."

Whether Vettel can keep the momentum going in France remains to be seen. "It's very difficult to say whether we will be as competitive here in France as we were in Baku. It's a very different circuit. It's a combination of slow, medium and fast corners. Also here, as on all other tracks, mental concentration will be essential to perform at your best. We will find out soon."

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