Benedetto Vigna the new CEO of Ferrari and successor of Camilleri

09-06-2021 08:23 | Updated: 09-06-2021 08:58
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Benedetto Vigna the new CEO of Ferrari and successor of Camilleri

Ferrari has presented a new CEO from September 2021. Benedetto Vigna will take up the top job at Ferrari, following the departure of Louis Camilleri.

Marchionne's gap finally filled

Ferrari has not been complete in terms of management since the death of Sergio Marchionne, but that will change from September. Marchionne was first replaced by Louis Camilleri, but he soon decided to leave again. President of Ferrari, John Elkann, temporarily took over the role in December 2020, but Ferrari has now found a new man.

According to Sky Italia Benedetto Vigna is the new CEO of Ferrari as of September 1, 2021. The Italian has a lot of experience with international technology companies and is currently work case at STMicroelectronics, where he was head of the Analogici Mems and Sensori Group, the largest and most profitable group under his belt.

New Ferrari CEO

''We are delighted to welcome Benedetto Vigna as our new CEO. His deep knowledge of the technologies that are driving much of the change in our industry, his proven ability to innovate, entrepreneurial approach and his leadership will further strengthen Ferrari by writing new chapters in our unrepeatable history of passion and achievement in the exciting era that lies ahead'', said John Elkann.

''It is an extraordinary honour to join Ferrari as CEO and I do it in equal measure with enthusiasm and responsibility. And with a great sense of responsibility towards the extraordinary results and skills of the men and women of Ferrari, of all the stakeholders of the company and of those who, all over the world, have a unique passion for Ferrari'', concludes Vigna.

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