International press: 'Pérez is the perfect team man'

07-06-2021 08:24
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International press: 'Pérez is the perfect team man'

The International press has a lot to write about a day after Sergio Pérez' Grand Prix victory. The Azerbaijan GP was full of surprising moments, wrong choices and great performances. Especially the Mexican driver got a lot of coverage.


Spanish newspaper Marca saw that Pérez had to work hard to get his first win. "The Mexican driver took advantage of Max Verstappen's accident at the end of the race and after a long break due to red flags, he grabbed first place and his second podium in Azerbaijan."

La Gazzetta dello Sport

In Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport saw precisely the strength of the Red Bull Racing team. "The perfect team man. In the right place at the right time. He attacked at the start and overtook Sainz and Gasly. Then, thanks to Red Bull's super strategy, he got in front of Hamilton and let him live. When Verstappen crashed, he was the one fighting with Lewis on the restart and pushing him to make a mistake."

Auto, Motor und Sport

It wasn't just about Pérez in Azerbaijan, the crashes of Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen were also special to watch. "The accident cost Stroll points, Verstappen the victory," Auto, Motor und Sport noted. "In both cases, the damage was not announced. Drivers and engineers were taken by surprise. No excessive tyre temperatures, no excessive wear, no vibrations, no abnormalities in the data files."


Formula 1 has seen a lot of discussion about tension in recent years. L'Équipe believes that the race in Baku showed that it can be done with the current regulations. "The result of this Grand Prix on the streets of Baku should silence those who think Formula 1 is too predictable and unable to offer sumptuous destinies to those willing to take on the challenge."

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