'I think Formula One is going to Indianapolis'

05-06-2021 07:19 | Updated: 05-06-2021 10:27
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'I think Formula One is going to Indianapolis'

Formula 1 announced on Friday that the Singapore Grand Prix will not take place this season. The organisation saw too much uncertainty for the race, so it made the final decision. Because of the cancellation of the GP the FIA has to find a new venue and according to Olav Mol it could be a suprising choice. 

The Ziggo Sport commentator told Formula 1 Café that he understood very well that Singapore is no longer on the calendar this year. "It's a street circuit, so it has to be built up far in advance," Mol explained. "Singapore is also a circuit that is not paid for by the government, so it has to rely on its fans."

Grand Prix in Indianapolis

While the drivers are tentatively assuming that there will be an additional race in Austin, Mol thinks things will be different. "I think we will go to Indianapolis. Ross Brawn gave a whole story two days ago about the Indy 500, Formula 1, that he liked it so much, that we didn't coincide with Monaco because then he could see the race, the working together..."

However, Mol has expectations that Indianapolis will be a new stop. "It wouldn't surprise me if the road course at indy gets there. But not right away as a replacement for Singapore, because they want to go for the 23 races anyway."

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