F1 introduces new prize after Grand Prix: 'Workday Agility Award

17-05-2021 07:09 | Updated: 17-05-2021 10:13
by GPblog.com
F1 introduces new prize after Grand Prix: 'Workday Agility Award

After the driver of the day and the DHL fastest pit stop award, a new award will make its entry into the premier class of motor racing this year. This is the 'Workday Agility Award', a symbol for the new partnership between Formula 1 and financial management company Workday.

"Whilst it’s usually the cars that grab the attention, it’s the people behind the machines that make the sport what it is", Ben Pincus, Formula One's head of commercial cooperation, told F1technical.net. Workday's logo was already on display in the pit lane in Spain, and will remain mostly on European circuits.

Pincus continued: "There’s no sport in the world where human decision-making and innovation are more important, and through our partnership with Workday, we’ll bring those values to life."

Workday Agility Award

Following on from this, a new award set to be presented after the Grands Prix has been announced: the Workday Agility Award. This award will be handed to the team that made the best, split-second decision during the race, and is designed to highlight the technical people behind the scenes of a Formula One weekend.

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