F1 is full of talent at the moment, 'but Verstappen will succeed Hamilton'

15-05-2021 14:21 | Updated: 15-05-2021 15:04
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F1 is full of talent at the moment, 'but Verstappen will succeed Hamilton'

Lewis Hamilton could break the record for the most number of world championships this season. An incredible number, but according to Ross Brawn, the successor is already ready to fill his big shoes.

Lewis Hamilton breaks a record just about every weekend, which means he will never disappear from the history books of Formula 1. The Brit is on top of the list of the best drivers of all time. When he leaves the premier class of motor sport, he will leave a gaping hole.

The question is who will take his place. That question was also posed to Ross Brown during the radio show In Conversation With... on BBC 4. "That's actually an easy question: I think Max Verstappen is next on the throne," the Director of Motorsport at Formula One stated.

Even more talent alongside Verstappen

Despite Brawn seeing Verstappen as the most likely successor to Hamilton, the Dutchman is not the only one in the sport born to race. "Formula 1 is currently blessed with the number of young drivers breaking through. There are some brilliant drivers in the sport right now like Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris."

During the interview, Brawn is also asked which of the young, British drivers he thinks is the best at the moment. "I think it's a tie between Lando Norris and George Russell. I wouldn't want to say which of the two is going to be the strongest in the future," the top executive concludes.

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