Rumour: Will the 2022 Russian Grand Prix take place in St. Petersburg?

05-05-2021 11:31 | Updated: 05-05-2021 13:33
Rumour: Will the 2022 Russian Grand Prix take place in St. Petersburg?

There are always rumours going around in the Formula 1 world, and although they are not always true, they often contain a grain of truth. The latest rumour concerns the Russian Grand Prix. In 2022 it might not take place in Sochi, but instead in St. Petersburg.

Rumor has it that the race will be moved to the Igora Drive circuit in St. Petersburg. Sirius, the federal territory of Sochi, reinforced the rumors by reporting on social media that this is indeed the case. However, the Grand Prix would be held in Sochi again in 2023.

Reports are denied

The message has been removed, and a spokesperson for Sirius has stated that none of it is true. "The information that was given is not correct," the spokesperson tells Championat. "The messages have been removed to prevent people from being misled."

The fact that an employee of Sirius confirmed the information is remarkable though, so it could be that the message will be confirmed later. The organisers, however, won't like it that the information comes out this way, so in that case an official message might follow soon.

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