Honda chief executive Tanabe: 'Purely the work of Red Bull'

01-05-2021 10:18 | Updated: 01-05-2021 13:03
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Honda chief executive Tanabe: 'Purely the work of Red Bull'

Red Bull Racing is busy preparing for next season when it takes over the engine from Honda. With Ben Hodgkinson, they acquired a man with decades of experience at Mercedes. Red Bull did not get support from Honda chief Toyoharu Tanabe in this decision, however.

The team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez is in its third season with a Honda engine. In 2022 Red Bull will take over the engine completely. "Red Bull Powertrains is purely the work of Red Bull," Tanabe states to Auto Sport Web. "We are not involved. However, the basic idea is to use Honda's technology, so of course, we will discuss the details. We will talk about the duration of the transfer."

Tanabe is satisfied with the Formula 1 season for the time being. "All four cars were able to run with the power units without any problems. However, some drivers commented that the grip on the track was poor. At the Catalunya circuit for example, we drive there every year, so we can usually predict how much the grip on the road has improved. But at a circuit like this (Portugal, ed.), which was held for the first time last year, it will be difficult to predict."

First free practice sessions

Verstappen recorded the second-fastest time during the first two free practice sessions, while Pérez's performance was more mixed. The Mexican finished third during the first free practice but had to settle for P10 a few hours later.

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