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Russell with harsh verdict on Bottas: 'Should be fighting for a win every race'

Russell with harsh verdict on Bottas: 'Should be fighting for a win every race'

18-04-2021 17:26


Halfway through the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the race was halted due to a huge crash involving George Russell and Valtteri Bottas. The two collided at absolute top speed, something Russell says was the result of dangerous driving by Bottas.

"He definitely saw me," Russell explained the situation to Ziggo Sport. "We have a gentleman's agreement if a car approaches fast and comes up behind, you don't jerk the wheel or try to push it off the line. We're doing 340 kilometres an hour, maybe more. I'm probably going 40 kilometers per hour faster than he is. At the smallest movement at 340 kilometres per hour, you are already moving a lot."

So that's what Bottas did in Russell's eyes and the situation was exacerbated by the wet conditions. "In dry conditions, it would have gone well. It would have been dangerous, but it would have gone well. I feel like he didn't respect the conditions and he didn't respect the speed."

Bottas scared for his spot?

What's more, Russell thinks Bottas is just pushing him harder. "It's frustrating because he's fighting for P9. He should be fighting for podiums and wins every race. You would do that move at most if you are fighting for the win. I'm frustrated because if I had been any other driver, he wouldn't have reacted like that."

It is now an open secret that Russell is at the front of the queue to replace Bottas at the Mercedes team from 2022. That Russell seemed to immediately beat the Finn on his debut for that team will have hurt, as will this comment from the Brit.

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