Aston Martin wants to partially reverse new regulations: "Something must be done"

16-04-2021 16:22 | Updated: 16-04-2021 16:25
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Aston Martin wants to partially reverse new regulations: Something must be done

Otmar Szafnauer already complained earlier about the decision-making process regarding the new aerodynamics rules for the 2021 Formula 1 season, and even stated that the vote was unfair. Christian Horner, among others, contradicts this and says that the vote was unanimous. Szafnauer now wants the rules to be changed and even hints at legal action.

Szafnauer previously revealed that he believed the new regulations hit Aston Martin harder than other teams and that they would never have voted for them. Now he is even going a step further by openly demanding clarification from the FIA. He hopes to reverse some of the rule changes and reduce the gap between low rake and high rake cars.

Szafnauer wants the rules changed

The Aston Martin team boss disagrees that the changes were made on safety grounds. This was because the Pirelli tyres could not cope with the high downforce. "The responsibility for rule changes on safety grounds lies solely with the FIA," said Szafnauer, quoted by

"We need to have discussions with the FIA to find out exactly what happened and why. Then we can see if anything can be done to make it more equitable," he continued. He does not rule out possible legal steps. "We won't reach that point until after the talks, it's hard to predict. We have to see what can be done first," Szafnauer said.

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