'Abiteboul to join Peugeot in sports car project'

08-04-2021 17:17 | Updated: 08-04-2021 18:29
by GPblog.com
'Abiteboul to join Peugeot in sports car project'

Cyril Abiteboul was the team boss of the Renault Formula 1 team in recent years, but with the change to Alpine F1 the Frenchman has stepped aside. The team's disappointing performance has left it in a shaky position and a new team requires new leadership. As a result, Abiteboul is no longer involved in Formula 1, but he does not seem to be leaving motorsport behind at all.

Sports car project

Abiteboul has previously been linked to Peugeot, and that news is now echoed by Japanese As-web. The website states that Abiteboul is speaking with the French automaker to look at possibilities surrounding his participation in the sports car project. Should this be the case, Abiteboul would switch from Renault to its biggest rival Peugeot, although Peugeot's sporting ambitions are somewhat unclear.

Peugeot's entry into Formula 1 does not appear to be imminent as yet, with no recent announcements having been made or suggestions made. Should Abiteboul indeed enter into a partnership with Peugeot, it will be on behalf of Stellantis. This is a company born out of the merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the Groupe Peugeot.

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