Zandvoort stays positive about GP: ‘One way or the other, it will happen’

06-03-2021 15:24 | Updated: 06-03-2021 16:25
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Zandvoort stays positive about GP: ‘One way or the other, it will happen’

On September 5, Formula 1 is set to return to the Netherlands. Because of the coronavirus crisis, it remains to be seen whether everything is actually possible, but at Circuit Zandvoort they are positive.

In the programme Formule 1 Café on Ziggo Sport, Rick Winkelman talks to circuit director Robert van Overdijk about the past year. "We were able to keep going reasonably well last year. We were able to do quite a few activities", says Overdijk.

Yet it was not easy for Zandvoort last year either. Overdijk said: "We had to take some measures. Which company doesn't, by the way? We hope, as we can see from the calendar, that there is some hope again and that the calendar for the coming period is well filled."

Left or right

The Dutch Grand Prix was originally scheduled to take place in March but was moved to September. With the measures still in place that is just as well. For now, Overdijk assumes that the event can take place in September. "For us, it is important to keep the preparations going for those 105,000 visitors a day," he says.

"The moment this would somehow not be allowed, then we will have to see with what help it could be done," the circuit director continues. In any case, organising the event without visitors does not seem to be an option for the organisers. "We will continue to prepare the event for a full house. "One way or the other, that event is going to happen."

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