Perez: "You immediately feel that Max is very strong technically"

05-03-2021 18:22 | Updated: 05-03-2021 22:08
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Perez: You immediately feel that Max is very strong technically

Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen's new teammate, has recently made his first metres in two different Red Bull Racing cars. It will undoubtedly take some getting used to for the driver, who has driven for Racing Point for many years. Perez will do his utmost to be in top form as soon as possible.

Before stepping into the new RB16B, Perez was given extra time to test in the 2019 RB15. This allowed him to get used to the feel of the car and the Honda power unit. Unlike the 2021 car, in which only 100 kilometres could be driven, this limit does not apply to older cars.

Perez' feeling after the first test for Red Bull Racing

Perez's test started as we have come to expect at Silverstone: Wet. On the first day, the track was too wet to drive on for a long time. On the second day, it was time for long runs, and he and his crew practiced the process of a GP weekend. "First of all, you are just dumbfounded," Perez said of his feelings after the test to "When a car bears your name, it has something to offer. I had already spent many hours in the race simulator and that helped shorten the getting used to process."

The test days in the old RB15 were followed by a film day, in which teammate Max Verstappen also took part. Both drivers were allowed to try out the new RB16B on this day. "You immediately feel that Max is technically very strong," says Perez about his teammate.

Due to all the coronavirus measures, there is very little time to test before the 2021 season, but still, Perez felt it was very useful. He also feels it was very important for him to get to know his crew better. "When you know people better, you can speak much more freely. Every driver speaks a little bit differently about his car, and for a technician or engineer it is important that he understands his driver perfectly," Perez said.

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