Toto Wolff: "Red Bull absolutely is dangerous"

04-03-2021 18:30 | Updated: 04-03-2021 19:21
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Toto Wolff: Red Bull absolutely is dangerous

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff spoke to Sky Sports about Mercedes' possible competitors. The absolute number one competitor is no surprise. Wolff considers Red Bull to be the most dangerous party, although Wolf does not expect any changes in the ranking in 2021.

Mercedes have been leading Formula 1 for some time now and team boss Wolff does not expect that to change next year, he told Sky Sport. He does see danger in Red Bull's team, though, as that rival is one to be reckoned with.

"The team has similar resources to ours and a very ambitious team; with Max (Verstappen, ed.), a young driver trying to follow in Lewis Hamilton's footsteps; and with Sergio Perez a driver who can also regularly score points in the constructors' championship."

Red Bull is not the only dangerous party according to Wolff

Red Bull may be dangerous, but Wolff notes that there are other parties aiming for the lead. The field will come closer together in the time ahead and there will not be much room for error. The mistakes you make will be punished mercilessly more and more quickly.

"If it's not about victory, it's about podiums. Of course, you can't afford to do anything wrong anymore. Otherwise you quickly become sixth or seventh."

The fact that the field is getting closer together is partly due (or to blame) on the regulations being tightened up and the changing of the guard at the various teams. The less strong drivers have made way for promising talents and drivers who have already proven themselves with other racing teams have changed places this year. Either way, it will be an exciting season.

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