Lawrence Stroll: "Our ambitions are limitless"

03-03-2021 15:53
Lawrence Stroll: Our ambitions are limitless

Aston Martin revealed their AMR21 for the upcoming Formula 1 season and will be hoping that their package will be competitive enough to challenge the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes. Speaking at the launch, Lawrence Stroll made it clear how much this project means to him. 

“I’ve dreamt about this day for a very long time," He said at the car launch. "I’ve always been a car guy since I was a child and I’ve always loved racing too. My first dream was to own a Formula 1 team and my second dream was to acquire a majority shareholding of Aston Martin. Today is all about the merging of those two dreams. In fact, today is all about dreams and showing that dreams really can come true in the shape of our AMR21. Aston Martin returning to Formula 1, after an absence of 61 years, will have a powerful effect on the sport, the media and the fans.

“The team is pushing forward and our ambitions are limitless. We now have the people and the partners to make real progress.”

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