Alpine livery inspires Ocon to create a completely new helmet design

03-03-2021 09:38 | Updated: 03-03-2021 11:25
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Alpine livery inspires Ocon to create a completely new helmet design

Esteban Ocon will have a completely new design for his helmet in 2021. Whereas until now he always chose a combination of black and red, in 2021 he will drive with the colours of the French flag.

Ocon put it nicely during the presentation of the new Alpine car: "With such a car you are proud to be French." Ocon is a French driver and proud to be part of the great French brand Renault. In 2021 that will become Alpine, and the French flag will clearly be reflected in the new car.

Ocon opts for the French flag

This has also made Ocon himself think, because on Wednesday he will present a completely new helmet. In Formula 1, Ocon competed for Manor and Renault with a red/black helmet, which he also used in the junior categories, while at Force India he had to go with the pink colour of the sponsor.

In 2021, however, Ocon opts for something completely new, with a helmet that is very similar to the livery. The basic colour of the helmet is white, with many red and blue accents to reflect the colour of the helmet. It is now at least a helmet that stands out, and with the Spanish colours that Alonso usually uses, the duo will also be easy to tell apart this year.

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