Pirelli to sponsor the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix from 2021 onwards

26-02-2021 10:54 | Updated: 26-02-2021 12:17
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Pirelli to sponsor the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix from 2021 onwards

Pirelli will become the official name bearer of the Grand Prix in Imola in 2021. The historic circuit will return to the calendar in 2021, and this year will be assisted by the Italian tyre manufacturer.

Formula 1 wanted to return to a normal season in 2021, but that didn't quite work out. The calendar still includes 23 races including the new races in Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands, but Vietnam and China disappeared from the calendar and the Australian Grand Prix had to be postponed.

Pirelli sponsors Imola

The second Grand Prix on the calendar is now the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, or as we now have to say: Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Premio del Made in Italy e dellÉmilia Romagna. A mouthful, so on Twitter people are already wondering what the hashtag of this Grand Prix will be.

Imola is not the only circuit that has been called as a replacement, because on the current calendar there is also the Portuguese Grand Prix. However, with the contamination numbers in that country, it is still not certain if there will be racing at Portimao. So, as in 2020, F1 will have to be very flexible to have a full calendar.

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