Verstappen to replace Hamilton? "Don't know what Lewis will do"

25-02-2021 15:11 | Updated: 25-02-2021 15:44
Verstappen to replace Hamilton? Don't know what Lewis will do

Max Verstappen was asked about Lewis Hamilton's situation at Mercedes during an online press moment with various media. The seven-time world champion only signed for one year and that might open doors for Verstappen. Would the 23-year-old Dutchman be interested in a move to the German team?

Verstappen says he is not concerned at all. "In the end I don't know what Lewis will do. I just focus on myself and this year. I want to be successful." The focus is entirely on performing with Red Bull and the new RB16B.

Verstappen doesn't want to dwell on it too long

According to the Red Bull driver, there is also no point in speculating now about what might happen in 2022. "It's so early in the year, we've just done a shakedown," Verstappen told In just over two weeks they will test, after which the first Grand Prix of the year is scheduled in Bahrain at the end of March.

Verstappen obviously didn't feel like dwelling on the subject for too long. "So I don't really think about that kind of thing," he said. However, according to the aforementioned German medium, it is clear that a rejection from Verstappen towards Mercedes would 'sound different'. All options are still kept open. 

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