Overview: At which tracks did Red Bull get the fewest podiums?

23-02-2021 14:03 | Updated: 23-02-2021 14:56
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Overview: At which tracks did Red Bull get the fewest podiums?

In 2014, Formula 1 went through a major transition. From then on, hybrid engines were used. Mercedes dominated the entire era. But how did Red Bull actually do in the hybrid era? And especially on which tracks did the Austrian team take the fewest podium finishes?

During the time when Formula 1 switched to hybrid engines, Red Bull collected 63 podiums. In total, the Austrian racing team did so with six drivers. In this overview, we are only talking about the circuits on this year's calendar.

For next year Red Bull still has to make up ground on a number of circuits. There are some tracks where Red Bull has never finished on the podium since 2014. These are the circuits of Imola and Monza. At Imola, Max did not finish and Albon finished 15th last year. It must be said that last year was a long time since there was a race at Imola. It is also worth noting that Red Bull has never finished on the podium at Monza since the hybrid era.

Three tracks with only one podium

Red Bull is also clearly struggling on the circuits of France, Russia and Australia. At these circuits, the energy drinks brand only reached the podium once. In 2019, Max Verstappen took third place at the Australian Grand Prix. At Circuit Paul Ricard in 2018, Verstappen managed to take second place. Finally, last year Verstappen and Red Bull managed to secure their first podium finish in Russia with second place.

In contrast, the circuits of Singapore, Spain and Hungary suit the Red Bull well. Altogether, they have finished on the podium 19 times at these race tracks.

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