Australia knows how to push forward: Adjustments at Albert Park to start

17-02-2021 15:39 | Updated: 17-02-2021 19:06
Australia knows how to push forward: Adjustments at Albert Park to start

Now that the start of the new Formula 1 season will not be in Melbourne but in Bahrain, it was announced that the Australian organisers want to make some adjustments to the circuit. The gentlemen in Melbourne are going to start renewing the asphalt already next week.

In Australia, they don't waste any time. The Aussies are dealing with the disappointment of the postponed Grand Prix is the only right way, and that is to move on and look ahead. It was the right moment for the organisers to take a critical look at the circuit and make the necessary adjustments. Although they wanted to do this after the Grand Prix in March, this has now been brought forward.
Starting next Monday

From Monday onwards work will start on the circuit. Well in time because this year we only go to Australia at the end of November. The reason to start with the resurfacing now is, among others, the weather: "This is not just your common garden variety asphalt mix you put on normal roads, they have stiffer binders, they have different characteristics, they have to be laid in a particular manner, and you have to do those when there’s warmer months, says the CEO of the Grand Prix Andrew Westacott to Speedcafe.

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