Why is it logical for F1 to choose the Portuguese Grand Prix?

10-02-2021 14:06 | Updated: 10-02-2021 15:46
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Why is it logical for F1 to choose the Portuguese Grand Prix?

With the strong rumour that Portugal will be on the calendar for the 2021 season, the calendar seems to be taking shape. The only TBC spot has thus been filled and so the focus can move to the end of March when the lights go out in Bahrain. Formula One had the option of selecting several circuits to fill the TBC spot, but why was the choice made for Portugal?


The Portuguese Grand Prix will be the third race on the calendar after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola and before the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. The race that follows is the Monaco Grand Prix. Logistically this is very clever as it makes use of an 'ideal route'. After Bahrain, the F1 paddock goes to Portugal, with a stopover in Italy for the Grand Prix in Imola.

After Portugal, they travel to Barcelona and Monaco, which are all in close proximity to each other. A Grand Prix in Germany or Turkey would have increased the distance to be covered, so the choice of Portimao is logistically very smart. It means that F1 will cover fewer kilometres between circuits.

Also, Portimao is a fixed circuit and F1 can pass it at any time. No months of preparation are needed, as with a street circuit. Monaco and Azerbaijan will start their preparations in the coming months, but that is not necessary for a circuit like Portimao.


Last year's F1 race in Portimao proved to be a spectacle. Many fast corners and lots of height differences not only provide beautiful images on television but also for the fans on the circuit there is much to watch. In 2020, Portimao proved that they can host an exciting Grand Prix.

The opening phase, in particular, was hugely exciting, with many drivers having better tyre conditions than others. Kimi Raikkonen was able to gain ten places in the scramble, while Carlos Sainz was able to drive to first place. It's no guarantee of new success, but there are plenty of opportunities on the Portimao rollercoaster.


Last year, for the first time in a long time, we saw fans in the stands and we will most likely see them again this year. Despite limited input from Portuguese F1 drivers, the sport is alive and well in Portugal. There was a lot of enthusiasm for the Grand Prix last year and this year, Portuguese fans will be happy to see the F1 paddock move to Portimao.

In short, F1 has plenty of reasons to travel to Portugal to host its second Portuguese Grand Prix in a row. In 2020 we were at the circuit in the autumn, this year we will be racing in mid-spring. Higher temperatures and higher wear and tear will therefore play a part and there is plenty to look forward to before May 2, when the drivers will race in Portimao.

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