Jordan on Hamilton with his teammates: "Lewis Hamilton is not a political person"

07-02-2021 13:25 | Updated: 07-02-2021 17:44
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Jordan on Hamilton with his teammates: Lewis Hamilton is not a political person

Lewis Hamilton broke all sorts of records last season and if he becomes world champion again in 2021, he will leave Michael Schumacher behind in those record books for good. For Eddie Jordan, however, there is another reason why Lewis Hamilton is the best driver of all time.

"For me, without hesitation, Lewis has surpassed those two," Jordan said in the BBC podcast 'This Sporting Life' when comparing Hamilton to Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. This is mainly because, according to Jordan, Hamilton does not care about his teammate, one reason he always liked Alain Prost so much.

“I was the odd one out, up to Lewis Hamilton I always believed Alain Prost was the best. And the reason why I say that is that he never bothered about who his teammate was. He was never political in a sense of 'my teammate has to give way to me ". Things people found annoying about some of the other drivers."

Interesting perspective from Jordan

Jordan is confident Hamilton is not a political person when it comes to his teammate and believes he lets his driving do the talking.

"Lewis Hamilton is not a political person," said Jordan.

"He knows his own ability, he's been brought up well by his dad. So he's extremely well-behaved guy and that's why I think he's the greatest that I've ever seen."


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