Jordan understands Hamilton's choice: 'Is he getting paid enough by Mercedes?'

07-02-2021 08:36 | Updated: 07-02-2021 12:55
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Jordan understands Hamilton's choice: 'Is he getting paid enough by Mercedes?'

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have been keeping F1 fans in suspense for quite some time now with their contract negotiations. While all other nine teams have completed their line-up, the German team and the seven-time World Champion have yet to agree. According to Eddie Jordan it is logical that the negotiations are taking so long.

"There is something going on that many people don't realise. For motorsport it is also very new. On the one hand you have his salary which he demands. What I would like to know is how that salary is structured, with what his value is," Jordan explained in a podcast on the BBC. Hamilton himself would like to know more about the value he brings to the Mercedes team, expects the former F1 team boss.

The value of Hamilton

"Was he paid enough last year with the influence he had in the team? Of course, I don't know how much influence he has on selling clothes and other things. On the other hand, you have the media. I think eighty per cent of television companies want to interview him. Unfortunately, it is not Valtteri Bottas or any other driver. Maybe Max Verstappen gets a bit of that attention, but not as much as Lewis'," added Jordan.

According to Jordan, there is one event that Mercedes can use in the negotiations. "When Geordie Russell was in that Mercedes car and did a great job. Mercedes proved with that that they also just have a very strong car. They could replace Hamilton but if they are smart, and they are, they will continue to negotiate with Mercedes. We just have to hope that they come to a solution together because F1 needs Lewis," Jordan concluded.

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