New twist on calendar with reports of two races in Bahrain

03-02-2021 16:27 | Updated: 03-02-2021 18:36
New twist on calendar with reports of two races in Bahrain

The Formula One calendar may be almost fully in place but it's far from certain that it will go ahead as planned. As it stands, we will start in Bahrain before heading to Imola, Italy. Where the third race is held has not yet been confirmed. It could be held in Portugal but Bahrain seems to be an option.

The third race of the current calendar is not yet known. Rumour has it that we will once again be going to Portugal, to Portimao, but according to RaceFans, the coronavirus pandemic is going to put a stop to that. Formula 1's plans to go to southern Europe on May 2 are hanging by a thread. As a plan B, Formula 1 therefore could hold a second race in Bahrain.

Consequences for the calendar

This would mean that, as in 2020, Formula One would travel to the desert twice for a race at the Bahrain International Circuit, not including pre-season testing. There is a chance that another Grand Prix could be held on the outer ring of the track.

If this plan goes through it will have some consequences for the calendar. The second race on the circuit would then take place one week later, after the season opener on March 28. The Imola Grand Prix would be held a week later, on 25 April instead of 18 April, giving the teams more travel time.

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