Stroll can turn things to his advantage: "He glitters with gold"

27-01-2021 15:27 | Updated: 27-01-2021 17:02
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Stroll can turn things to his advantage: He glitters with gold

Lawrence Stroll will bring Aston Martin back as a constructor in Formula 1 this season. Under the name Racing Point, the team already won once last year and, according to former team principal Eddie Jordan, Stroll is the man to take the team to the top.

Top three

“I have to believe that Aston Martin will be there. Much more so than they ever were before", Jordan told Reuters in an interview. Jordan thinks Aston Martin can go the extra mile in 2021. “They should be able to earmark that third in the championship spot that they probably should have had this year... I do believe they will be justifiably in the top three.”

No one like Stroll

Jordan has known Stroll since the 1990s and has great admiration for the billionaire. “There’s nobody in Formula One in my opinion, now that (former commercial supremo) Bernie (Ecclestone) has gone, that has the ability, the brainpower and the financial charisma to be as successful as Lawrence Stroll.”

Jordan reveals that he has had huge disagreements with Stroll in the past. "But one thing that has never waned is my total belief in his man-made ability to be able to turn things around in his favour. He glitters with gold.”

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