Red Bull unhappy: 'Vote to freeze engine development postponed again'

27-01-2021 07:25 | Updated: 27-01-2021 09:55
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Red Bull unhappy: 'Vote to freeze engine development postponed again'

Red Bull Racing made a clear statement: We will race with our own engines, but only if the engine development is frozen earlier. All parties met on Monday, but the vote was again much later.

The engine of Red Bull

Honda's departure from Formula 1 is causing problems for the two Red Bull teams, but also for the sport itself. With Honda leaving, one of the four suppliers of engines is leaving, which once again shows how vulnerable the sport is. Red Bull Racing would like to continue but under one condition.

Red Bull Racing wants to take over the engine from Honda and produce it itself, but of course, that will cost a lot. Red Bull, therefore, does not want the possibility of development and demands that the freeze on development, which was already planned for 2023, be brought forward.

Vote postponed

It seems like a matter of time before this decision is made, but not everyone is going to go along with it. Red Bull's competitors are still obstructive because they prefer to continue developing their engines. There is also a second issue on the table. Most manufacturers also want to bring the new engine forward. From 2026 to 2025.

All in all, there was a lot to discuss on Monday and according to they decided to postpone the vote. All parties can now think for themselves what they think of the proposal, before the vote on February 11. It's all or nothing for Red Bull, who have clearly stated that they will only stay in F1 on their terms.

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