Good news about Alex Zanardi: "No one could believe it"

15-01-2021 14:04 | Updated: 15-01-2021 16:32
Good news about Alex Zanardi: No one could believe it

Good news for the family and friends of Alessandro Zanardi. More than six months after his terrible accident, he can talk again.

The former Formula 1 driver is still in the hospital, and his situation did not look good for a long time. Nevertheless, Zanardi once again shows that he is a fighter, who certainly has no intention of giving up.

Zanardi has suffered multiple crashes

Years ago, Zanardi lost both legs in an IndyCar crash. However, he continued to race in modified cars, and then managed to achieve great success in handbike races. During one such race, he was hit by a truck in June 2020, after which he was hospitalized in a critical condition.

Since then, little has come out about his situation. However, slow progress was reported. Now Federica Alemanno, neurologist at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, has revealed that Zanardi is speaking with his family.

"Alex recently spoke with his family, and that was a very emotional moment for them," Alemanno tells Corriere della Sera. "Nobody could believe it."

Zanardi still has a long way to go, but is clearly making progress where it was not initially expected.

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