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Verstappen behind Hamilton again: 'Generally the number two'

14-01-2021 11:20 | Updated: 14-01-2021 14:34
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Verstappen behind Hamilton again: 'Generally the number two'

The 2020 Formula 1 season has been over for a while now, but there is still time to look back at it. That is also what German Auto, Motor und Sport does, with Max Verstappen finishing second in their final standings.

Throughout the year journalist Michael Schmidt has been giving scorers to the drivers after each Grand Prix. At the end of the season these grades form an average, from which can be deduced which driver has performed best. It is no surprise that Lewis Hamilton is the winner here.

Verstappen again at number two

Number two in the ranking is Verstappen. Hamilton scores a 9.06, where Verstappen gets an 8.65. ''At least Verstappen won two more races and only just missed out on second place in the rankings, despite having the lesser car. Six times he received the maximum score for a top performance during the race, but overall he was the number two behind Lewis," it said on the website.

The biggest setback on the list is Sebastian Vettel. He finishes eighteenth, with a 6.12 average. ''In the qualifying duel, Vettel lost to Leclerc no less than 13 times and in fact he only had control of the SF1000 in extreme cases like Turkey. For that performance he therefore got a 9."

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