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Vettel: Am I worried about short testing time? No, I am not.

Vettel: "Am I worried about short testing time? No, I am not".

13-01-2021 14:56 Last update: 19:08


Sebastian Vettel, who will drive for the newly formed Aston Martin next year, is not worried about the short testing periods for getting to know his new car. Vettel acknowledges there is little he can do to change the situation and says he can learn enough during the winter test, which will only last a day and a half, to be able to show his best during the first race in Bahrain. 

Speaking to Formula1.com, Vettel explained he is unconcerned about the meagre testing opportunities ahead of the 2021 racing season. “From what I hear, at the moment there will be one test prior to the season and that will be the first time I will be in the new car”, Vettel explained.


He continues: “[Am I] concerned? No. If it happens to be that then that’s what it is. Over the years, I think you get used to very little track time and making the most of the track time, so even if one and a half days doesn’t sound like a lot, still you can get some decent running."

This means the four-time world champion will not be in action in the Aston Martin until shortly before the official kick-off of the season. Nevertheless, Vettel argues that good preparation prior to the test session can make up for a lot, allowing the 33-year-old driver to show the maximum in Bahrain. “I think it’s the same for all of us and you can do a lot of stuff beforehand nowadays. I guess the key will be the preparation leading into the test and then leading to the first race", Vettel said.

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