Lammers satisfied: That "seems like a safe date"

12-01-2021 13:32 | Updated: 12-01-2021 16:36
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Lammers satisfied: That seems like a safe date

The Dutch Grand Prix is on the F1 calendar for the second year in a row, but where it was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year it will go ahead. The Grand Prix will be held at Zandvoort on the weekend of 5 September and sporting director Jan Lammers does not expect any problems this year.

Satisfied with the date

Speaking to NOS, Lammers said: "For Zandvoort the change of calendar has no consequences. We are happy to have a place later in the season: 5 September seems a safe date. Racing in May, the original period, would probably have been a serious discussion point anyway."

After all, September still falls well into the summer, so the likelihood of relaxed restrictions is considerably greater than in early May. Nevertheless, the question is what will be possible at the time of the Dutch Grand Prix. Full grandstands seem unthinkable at this time.

Finally, Lammers is not surprised that the Australian Grand Prix has been postponed, he added: "Australia has strict rules to combat the coronavirus. Given the situation worldwide, I don't think anyone assumed that the race would be held in Australia in March."

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