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FIA surprises with shorter race format for all race weekends in 2021

FIA surprises with shorter race format for all race weekends in 2021

30-12-2020 11:25 Last update: 16:06


The FIA's sporting regulations for 2021 have been published and one important change has been noted. In 2020, Formula 1 already experimented with the format of the race weekend, but this will be completely changed in 2021.

In 2020, Formula 1 experimented with a different format. In Imola, the choice was made for a race weekend with only one free practice session on Saturday. The practice sessions on Friday were cancelled. Although it was done according to Formula 1 for logistical reasons, everyone saw this as a test for the future.

New racing format for Formula 1

After all, Liberty Media does not hide the fact that they want 25 races in one season, and for that an adapted racing format may be necessary. A race weekend of three days is quite long and the more races there are on the calendar, the more intense it becomes for the teams and their staff.

The FIA has found a middle ground for 2021. The first and second free practice sessions will still be maintained, but instead of 90 minutes these sessions now only last 60 minutes. The third free practice session on Saturday still lasts 60 minutes, just as in previous seasons. This shortens the time on the track by one hour and seems to be the first step towards shorter weekends.

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