Lewis Hamilton: "If I can use my voice to make a positive change, I will"

24-12-2020 09:58
Lewis Hamilton: If I can use my voice to make a positive change, I will

Lewis Hamilton has been busy with all kinds of things including Formula 1 this year. Hamilton is committed to diversity and equality in the world and promises to continue to do so in the coming years.

As a young driver Hamilton made his Formula 1 debut in 2007 and at several Grand Prix there are people who blackfaced as a racist statement agaisnt the Brit. It doesn't affect the British driver anymore, after years of feeling disadvantaged on the road to Formula 1. Now, at the top of his game, he is trying to change the world with the platform he has.

Hamilton wants to make himself heard even more

"I want to learn more about what I can do with the platform I have at my disposal. I want to deal with it more efficiently, so that I can have as much impact as I want. When I look at a lot of stars, you can see that they have been successful, but then disappear altogether. Maybe they would have wanted to do more,'' says Hamilton to ESPN.

So the seven-time world champion is looking for ways to do this even better, especially in 2021.

"I've shown this year that I give a lot to bring about change. If I can use my voice here in the time I have to make a positive change, I will,'' concludes the Mercedes driver.

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