Verstappen has some strong words for his critics in F1!

23-12-2020 11:09
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Verstappen has some strong words for his critics in F1!

Max Verstappen has received a lot of criticism over the years. When he started, people suggested he was too young to enter Formula 1 and later because of his mistakes in early 2018. Max never seems to be impressed by criticism, but he can really get angry about it.

In the new documentary series Whatever it Takes, we get a glimpse into the life of Max Verstappen. He has previously said at a press conference that he would give someone a headbutt. That was meant as a joke at the time, but the criticism does irritate Verstappen.

Verstappen is immensely annoyed

"Anyone who shares backward opinion has nothing to me. I'd rather they say it to my face like my dad did. I like that more. In general, I don't read everything because 99 percent of the people who write about you don't know s*** about it. It really is. In general, people really don't understand," Verstappen is clear.

Verstappen and his father Jos are both very open about the criticism that comes to both of them. "As soon as you get it right you are immediately a god and as soon as you have one or two lesser weekends, they target you like you can't do anything anymore. That annoys me immensely because they will then write how I should approach certain things or how I should have done things better. They don't understand it at all. I can be so angry about that," said Verstappen in the Ziggo series.

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