Piquet jr. on Verstappen: "A good driver sometimes has to be arrogant"

22-12-2020 13:20 | Updated: 22-12-2020 15:17
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Piquet jr. on Verstappen: A good driver sometimes has to be arrogant

Nelson Piquet Jr, the son of triple Formula 1 World Champion Nelson Piquet, doesn't blame Max Verstappen for having an ego, and believes sometimes top drivers have to be arrogant.

In an interview with the Brazilian branch of Motorsport.com Piquet jr. elaborates on his view on Verstappen.

Verstappen's neighbour in Monaco

"I've known Max since he lived next door to me in Monaco. His father made the kart and his own bike and they always traveled together. His life changed very quickly. He drove Formula 3 and lived at home with his father, and suddenly he lived in Monaco and was my neighbor. After that, he soon got a lot of money and attention," said Piquet.

He continued: "I can't blame him for having an ego. I won't call it arrogance. But a good driver sometimes has to be arrogant. It is a combination of self-confidence and ego.

"The line in between is thin, but I don't think he crosses that line. He's a young driver who doesn't always have the ideal attitude towards the cameras, but he doesn't really care about that. All he wants to do is win and be in a good car," added Piquet.

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