Criticism of Mazepin grows after apology is deleted

18-12-2020 08:26
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Criticism of Mazepin grows after apology is deleted

Anger at Nikita Mazepin is increasing considerably. The Russian inappropriately touched a girl last week and posted it on Social Media, but the apology statement that came later has now been deleted. 

Mazepin is under further pressure

The fact that Mazepin will get a Formula 1 seat is now controversial. As a driver, the Russian is not the one who impresses the most on the track with his speed but mainly known for extreme actions on the track. He caused a serious crash in Russia last year, but he received two more penalties during the last race of this season for another incident involving two drivers.

In the following weeks after his announcement as a Haas driver, he inappropriately touched a girl and this video was posted on social media. Everything was deleted and apologies made. According to those involved, it was all a misunderstanding because they were very good friends. However subsequent posts on the girl's social media account go against that opinion. 


Mazepin has now deleted his apologies on Twitter and the lady in question has also posted things on Instagram. She posted a photo that read "protect drunk women", but also the advice to "never let them touch you again or be disrespectful to you".

Whether this is indeed all deliberate cannot be said with certainty, of course, but link this to the fact that "the two good friends" have unfollowed each other on Instagram and things are starting to fall into place. Matt Gallagher has revived the #WeSayNoToMazepin campaign and continues to gain acclaim.

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