Mazepin creates uncomfortable situation with questionable behaviour

09-12-2020 13:06 | Updated: 09-12-2020 13:10
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Mazepin creates uncomfortable situation with questionable behaviour

Nikita Mazepin was recently confirmed as a Formula 1 driver at Haas for 2021, and as a result, the spotlights have been raised immediately. The young Russian will be followed and watched more closely, as he is important when it comes to the royal class of motorsport. Nevertheless, he occasionally has rather clumsy actions and debatable social media posts. For example, he recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of corona and now he is discredited for groping a woman.

Forced statement?

Mazepin has now apologised for his behaviour in the video that appeared on social media. Haas distances himself from his actions and does not want to be involved in this. The lady in question has also reacted, but there is something striking about that. The reaction of the lady in question seems to end the matter with a sizzle, but as has rightly been pointed out, there is more to it than that.

The lady claims to be good friends with Mazepin and that the video was a joke between the two. But is that really so and is that statement sincere? It turns out that the two do not follow each other at all on social media. Now that doesn't have to say it all, but online the conclusion is quickly drawn that the lady would be forced to put that statement online.

Let us leave it at that. If we look at Twitter, we can now see that various people have spoken out about Mazepin's behaviour and that this can also harm Haas.

Fierce reactions on Twitter

F1 Paddock Pass writes: "I know what I'd be doing if I was Guenther and Gene. His feet wouldn't touch the ground he'd be out the door so fast. Sponsorship $$ be dammed. Haas have an opportunity to make a real statement here in this #WeRaceAsOne era. Anything less is an insult and a travesty."

Journalist Thomas Maher says: "Haas' relentless pursuit of money has led them down some interesting paths in the last few years. None of which have ended well. There appears to be a willingness to overlook behaviour which shouldn't be happening."

He also points out that Haas is keeping calm because of Mazepin's money, also because the Russian's father could take over the team if Gene Haas decides to sell it. Because of this, the team is a bit stuck and they are a joker because the young Mazepin offspring cannot behave.

Matt Gallagher also speaks out on Twitter against the Russian's behaviour: "What kind of example does this set to younger, impressionable fans? Groping a random girl is fine? Then showing it off on your socials? There are some actual wires loose in his brain if he thinks any of his actions are okay. #WeRaceAsOne? Let’s find out F1, shall we?"

Whether this will have consequences for Mazepin is doubtful, given that Haas could make good use of his financial support. Haas has already stated in a self-declaration that they disapprove of the behaviour and that they will continue to deal with it internally.

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