Verstappen can forget Hamilton records: "Will be someone who hasn't yet been born"

08-12-2020 10:29 | Updated: 09-12-2020 14:48
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Verstappen can forget Hamilton records: Will be someone who hasn't yet been born

Lewis Hamilton already has his seventh world title in his pocket and does not seem to have any intention of backtracking in the coming years. According to Eddie Jordan, time is running out for Max Verstappen to break those records.

With seven world titles in his pocket, Lewis Hamilton has matched Michael Schumacher's record number of victories, but that does not mean that the Briton is there yet. Now he first has to recover from the coronavirus, but then the Mercedes driver will soon want to sign his new contract to win even more titles.

Time is running out for Verstappen

''Managing the tyres is essential these days and Hamilton is the best driver of all. The figures all show that Hamilton is over Schumacher. Will he win the eighth title as well? If he does then somebody will be able to match him only when he's not yet born,'' says Eddie Jordan to French L'Equipe. The former Formula 1 team boss doesn't think that Verstappen will be able to match Hamilton.

''Time is running out for Verstappen. Suppose Lewis stays another two years and he also continues to dominate because those cars don't change, then Mercedes will have everything in order to keep up the results. I think Red Bull and Max would be the only ones who could be really challenging,'' concludes Jordan.

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