Russell: "I'm in a win-win situation"

04-12-2020 22:02 | Updated: 04-12-2020 23:13
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Russell: I'm in a win-win situation

George Russell, the designated substitute for Lewis Hamilton at the Mercedes this weekend, is in a good position for the rest of the weekend after the two free practice sessions today as he was fastest in both session. In a conversation with Jack Plooij, the young Briton explained how he's in such a good position.

In tonight's episode of the Dutch Formula 1 Café, pit reporter Jack Plooij spoke to George Russell about where he was when he got the call from Toto and how he reacted: "I found out at 2 AM Tuesday morning by Toto. I was actually in the bathroom at the time when he called me, which was slightly awkward," Russell chuckled. "He said, obviously, Lewis has coronavirus and we want you to race this weekend.”

Asked about the stress he should be feeling with his unexpected move to a top team, Russell responded by saying: "I think I'm in a good position. I'm actually very relaxed, I'm experiencing a lot less pressure than usual, because I'm in a win-win situation."

Off the deep end

The stress is not in the difference between the two cars, which represent the two extremes on the grid, but in the preparation, Russell has been able to do in the last two days. "I’m getting thrown into a deep end with two days of preparation i’m sure we’ll be fine. I'm just gonna go and do my best.”

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