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Schumacher impresses with work ethic: 'Not as much talent as Verstappen'

Schumacher impresses with work ethic: 'Not as much talent as Verstappen'

03-12-2020 06:51 Last update: 10:59


Mick Schumacher will make his debut in Formula 1 in 2021 and where some will point to all the support he has received to achieve this, Frits van Amersfoort is convinced that Schumacher can make it in Formula 1.

Outside at Verstappen and Leclerc

Van Amersfoort, with his own team, has already had many talents in his cars in various junior classes. For example, in 2014 Max Verstappen drove for his Formula 3 team and a year later Charles Leclerc drove there. In 2015, however, Van Amersfoort did not make a name for itself with Leclerc, but with bringing Mick Schumacher into the Formula 4 team.

''Mick is a special case. He is not imbued with the talent as Max and Charles are. At the same time he is able to get very far on the basis of work ethic, commitment and gathering the right people around him," says the team boss to GPBlog.

Schumacher comes from a racing family

''Max and Charles are, in a way, running into a wall at the moment. They both don't have the car to become world champions. If Mick does turn out to be in the right car, he will be able to overtake both Max and Charles outside. He works very hard and has the right racing family around him. I have sometimes seen drivers get very angry when they fall out due to technical problems. But with him I notice that he comes from a racing family. He and his entourage know how this technical sport works. And that was very pleasant for both us and Mick."

Van Amersfoort has every confidence that Schumacher can succeed in Formula 1. ''It is relatively easy to make a success of yourself in the entry classes with financial means and good teams. That ends now, so that is going to be a bit exciting, but it looks good for him and I would have found it weird if he hadn't driven in Formula 1 next year. A team boss who has the chance to get someone with his name and his track record would have been very stupid not to take advantage of that," concludes the Dutch team boss opposite Nu.nl.

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