Grosjean's wife: "It took not one miracle, but several"

02-12-2020 13:58 | Updated: 02-12-2020 14:28
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Grosjean's wife: It took not one miracle, but several

The whole world was startled after the horror crash of Romain Grosjean during the Bahrain Grand Prix. Luckily, the driver got away without too many serious injuries, but his family was shocked.

During the first round of the Bahrain GP, Grosjean went into a crash barrier, after which his fuel tank exploded and his chassis broke in two. His car turned into a burning wreckage. Miraculously, he got away with just a few burns on his hands and ankles. The whole Formula 1 world quickly shouted that we hadn't seen an accident of this magnitude in a long time, and how the various safety measures, such as the halo, probably saved Grosjean's life.

"That will make him laugh"

Wife, Marion Grosjean, also saw the accident happen, from the family home in Geneva. She writes to the Belfast Telegraph that she slept badly that night. "I don't want to lie, the words don't come so easily now. That will make him laugh, because he knows how easy and how much I always talk. And I didn't know what kind of picture to post. The flames? Romain, in the arms of the marshals? The wreckage of the car?

"I also want to thank my children, who pushed him to get himself out of the fire. Thank you for his courage, his willpower, his strength, his love and his physical training that probably kept him alive. It took not one miracle, but several."

She also says that she often thought of Jules Bianchi. Because of his unequal and fatal outcome, the halo was finally introduced into the sport. "Thank you to Jules and his father, of whom I am constantly thinking. And also to Jules himself, of course."

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