Schumacher's name back in Formula 1: Mick's long and educational road

02-12-2020 10:39
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Schumacher's name back in Formula 1: Mick's long and educational road

Mick Schumacher has it done. The German may make his debut for Haas in Formula 1 in 2021, following in the footsteps of his legendary father Michael Schumacher. However, the road to F1 was not an easy one for Mick.

Michael's son

As the son of Michael Schumacher, Mick is, of course, a boy who has been taught all the tricks from a young age. With his father, but also his uncle Ralf Schumacher, Mick had plenty of examples to learn from in his childhood. Soon enough he knows: I also want to go to Formula 1.

At the age of seven, Mick makes his debut in karting, where he has been on the podium several times in European racing classes in 2011 and 2012. But then he still drives under the name Mick Betsch, his mother's last name, to ensure that he can race freely. He will only start racing under his real name in 2014, but the international press has realised in 2013 that the number two in the German and world karting championship is the son of Michael.

In 2014 Mick will really race as Mick Schumacher and in 2015 he gets a place in the ADAC Formula 4. For the Dutch Van Amersfoort Racing, he will drive 22 races, win one and stand on the podium twice. The young German finishes tenth in the rankings, but decides to stay another year.

The collaboration with Prema

That year, however, he no longer drives for Van Amersfoort but makes the switch to the Prema team. The Italian team often has drivers from the Ferrari academy in their ranks and does not hesitate for a second to bring in the son of the Ferrari legend. In 2016 this will also lead to immediate success. Mick wins five races in the same championship, is on the podium 12 times and comes second in the standings. The win goes to Joey Mawson, just as Mick also has to leave the title to Marcos Siebert in the Italian F4 championship.

It is time for Mick to take the next step and Prema will give him the chance to drive in Formula 3 in 2017. The first season is not a great success. He is on the podium once and finishes with 94 points but 12th in the standings. Things will have to improve in 2018 and Schumacher succeeds. After another difficult start, he takes the title in the final phase of the season, at the expense of Daniel Ticktum.

Chance in Formula 1

When he makes the switch to Formula 2, the same scenario unfolds. In the first Formula 2 season, Schumacher again finished twelfth. He does win one race, but that is the sprint race. The pressure is therefore fully on when the season starts again in 2020 and Schumacher again knows how to improve continuously. After a difficult start, he takes the lead in the standings with two victories and is the big favourite for the title with one race to go.

That persistence is now being rewarded. Mick Schumacher will be driving for Haas in Formula 1 in 2021. The past shows that Schumacher will have to gain a year of experience, but what the past teaches us that Schumacher will always improve himself. Like his father, he works hard to get better all the time. He may not be the fastest talent out there on day one, but he will do everything he can to become one.

Mick has of course had a lot of support from his parents and all the people who have always helped father Michael. Mick has been lucky in that regard, but on the other hand, has also had to deal with extra pressure. He has handled it well all this time and you can therefore expect that he will have to be able to deal with it properly in 2021.

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